Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Redheaded and blogging everyday until Christmas


The other day, Patricia and I tried to dye my hair blonde. It didn't end up blonde.

Now I'm sure everyone and their grandma knows EXACTLY why this happened and they all have advice but unless you are :

A - a hairdresser
B - someone with dark hair who dyes his/her own hair blonde at home
C - God
D - Santa Clause

your opinion is probably useless. Just sayin'.

Anyways - my hair is red. Like ... a nice ... red. It's alright. The kids at preschool didn't even notice and it took my coworkers (except Jacquie Denis) a couple days to notice. Jacquie noticed right away lol.

I'm going to either streak it with blonde - probably going to try this at home ..... or dye the whole thing blonde. We'll see. I'm undecided. I'll post a picture tomorrow. PROMISE

Also I'm going to try and post every day until Christmas. Just. For. You.

You are ... so welcome.

One more thing - I'm getting my eyebrows done tomorrow. As in waxed.

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