Friday, August 7, 2015

Zucchini Lasagna

I was sooo skeptical about this, but I really want to incorporate more veggies over here.

Way harder than you think - way, way harder when your toddler is a teeny, tiny overlord.

I found this recipe on pinterest (Ilovepinterest)

I read the ingredients - simple, I had almost everything except the cheese - so obviously I bought cheese.

The instructions read to get 3 medium zucchini.Okay.

We have different opinions of what 'medium' means - apparently.

Their version of 3 medium zucchini.  This was equivalent to ONE of mine.

I had zucchini slices everywhere. Everywhere

The recipe said to dry the slices and broil them and blah blah omg do I look like I have that much time. I did toss them with salt and put them in paper towel and dried out as much as I could - between watching 'So You Think You Can Dance' season 2.

I did brown my meat - the only direction I followed.

Once that was done, I realized I didn't have time to make all the sauce - so I grabbed a spaghetti sauce - meh - that happens dudes. Then I realized I didn't have ricotta cheese - like WHO DOES?! Bahahaha, so I used the better thing French Onion Dip (Helluva) I mixed it with Parmesan Cheese - I thought I was supposed to use that but after re-reading I realize that I was supposed to use Parmegino ... something something.

I started with the meat sauce, then the 'zucchini noodles', then my made up white sauce, tossed some mozzarella cheese in there, then kept layering.

It was unreal!!! Like so yummy and the kid even ate it!!! Next time - I'll try making my own sauce and I'll add more zucchini. I didn't put a TON because I thought it would be sketchy but I could get away with WAY more.

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