Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Favorite things ...

William :

1 - The way he counts un, deux, un, deux, six, quatre, un, deux (and looks at you to make sure you're paying attention)
2 - Instead of Thank You he says Bye-bye or Goodbye and waves and leaves the room with whatever he's gotten.
3 - When he's excited to get something he does this skipping thing.
4 - He only repeats what he wants to repeat.
5 - While rocking him to sleep he repeatedly points to my boob and says 'THERE IT IS!' like it's some long lost treasure.
6 - When someone is leaving he will happily wave bye bye and say so until they move towards the door then he hangs his head and fake cries making you feel like the WORST person ever. (Ask mom, she'll tell you all about it)
7 - Loves to dictate with his jibber jabber while pointing his finger.
8 - Will snuggle right up to us while sleeping in our bed. (I mean literally so there is no space)
9 - Loves to see Avery arriving and leaving (will rock her carseat as if to rock her to sleep)
10 - Is a mama's boy but is SO rough and tough.

Amélie :

1 - She has three personalities : Debba, Amélie and Debbie. They come out depending on if one of them has been sent to her room. It's like having triplets or something.
2 - When she is SUPER excited or happy she does this cute little clapping thing.
3 - Crackers are only for mushroom soup. That's it.
4 - She thinks that dance is super fun until there are other people watching her, then she wants to do her own routine and not a choreographed one and only if Matante Maddie dances with her.
5 - She starts ALL her stories with 'Once upon a dream ...' and her stories are very animated and detailed and end with '...they lived happily ever after. The END"
6 - Her fish are named after real people in her life.
7 - Most of her sentences have 'my dear' in them when she's talking to us, or she pinches our cheeks or tickles us.
8 - She refers to most of her friends as 'my friend' until she sees them and remembers their name.
9 - LOVES birthday parties! (mostly cake)
9.5 - She finishes a lot of sentences with 'or somethin' : Mom, can I have pop ... or somethin'? ; I know! Let's play a game ... or somethin'. and other MUCH more hilarious sentences that I can't think of right now.
10 - Daddy's girl who likes to wear princess dresses, wear crowns and play Barbies, but will make jerky like it's nobody's business.

Corey :

1 - He would rather be late for work than leave without saying I Love you or hearing me say it. (99% of the time)
2 - If I ask for an iced capp and he says no, I can still count on him to bring me one.
3 - If he wants to go fishing/hunting he'll do dishes and sometimes ... he'll sweep.
4 - Will pout about something then move on - and I'll still be mad but it's hard to resist someone who ISN'T mad anymore. Grrrr.
5 - Can be easily bribed into rubbing my feet even if I owe him a bazillion massages. That's right, a bazillion.
6 - Likes looking at flyers for deals.
7 - Has really good, surprising ideas - sometimes. Other times all we can do is shake our heads.
8 - Loves birthdays
9 - Complains about playing Barbies with Amélie but some of the scenarios he creates with her are HILARIOUS.
10 - Will apologize - something that can truly be appreciated considering he sometimes blurts things out.

This isn't a TOP 10 or anything, just things that popped into my head over the past few days. Things to appreciate really.

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