Christmas Lists 2015

Here is where I will keep the links to the pinterest pages I have for the kids. This is not 'THE LAW', nor is it required to get my children a gift. I'm just simplifying for the queri-ers? Plus we all know how much I love lists. Love. Lists. There are also some ideas for people who want to make them something because we will be doing renovations so I put the links to their 'bedroom' ideas too. TONS of easy/cheap/maybe even free ideas there that I just probably would suck at making myself ... LOL.

The Pinterest Page has all their 'wants' - mostly.
The Bedroom Page has ideas I've thought of for their bedrooms once the addition is on.
The Amazon Page has lots of smaller ideas and book ideas. There is a mix of books we'd like to read and books we have borrowed from library and would like to own.

Amelie : Amelie's Wish List Pinterest Page 
Amelie's Bedroom Page
Amelie's Amazon Book List Page

William : William's Wish List Pinterest Page
William's Bedroom Page
William's Amazon Book List Page

Nikki : Nikki's Wish List Pinterest PAge
Nikki's Bedroom Page
Nikki's Amazon Book List Page

Nolan : Nolan's Wish List Pinterest Page

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