Friday, January 10, 2014

Fear based posts

I have made some major changes on my facebook.

I deleted unrelated people who openly and constantly posted anti-vaccine or pro-vaccine articles. Especially the people posting things from blogs and opinion based blogs about immunizations. I mean, really? They are yacking about how non-vacciners are uneducated yet here they are posting editorial blogs about it. Whatever. Being a parent is hard enough without having to deal with making a decision and everyone coming down on you for it - no matter which decision you choose.

Any relative that posted these same things, I simply removed them from my newsfeed or I immediately removed those articles.

To me, posting those articles is a way for people to feel better about whatever decision they have made by making others SEE that they are right. Don't you understand that's bullying? You are constantly bombarding others with 'your' opinion. Unless the page you are posting on is specific for that cause, I'm not sure I understand your need to post it everywhere. Frankly, anything illness related I have removed from my newsfeed.


I don't find it informative at all. I find it fear mongering. I find it bullying. I don't find it helpful. It also causes severe anxiety in me and I suspect, in others who don't even realize it. We don't need to hurt each other this way. There shouldn't even be a vaccine debate. It should be - hey here's a vaccine and these are the pros and cons, what would you like to do? This is how your decision might affect others and yourself. That's it. Once a decision has been made it should be respected.

There is NO WAY for people to know the entire truth behind your decision to do whatever you choose to do. It's like homebirth. It should be ... here's the information. Here are the pros and cons. Answer any questions, help find information, make a suggestion perhaps and accept the persons decision.


I also think they should offer immunizations separately. For example - measles outbreak? Perhaps offer just the measles immunization or booster for those who are thinking of going that way.

I don't know ANY parent who is purposely making a decision out of stupidity. Fear-based decision making? Goes both ways folks. Afraid to vaccinate, afraid not to vaccinate. Fear should never be used against others.

Posting information about the road conditions - helpful
Posting information about crazy people on the loose - helpful
Posting information about a great sale - helpful
Posting information that is funny or motivational - helpful ... and funny
Posting phone number to local restaurant - helpful
Posting a link under a comment where someone is asking for specific information - helpful
Posting anything related to DR. Who or Star Trek - just awesome

Posting anything that will make someone feel bad about themselves while validating something you do ... not that helpful and ... I'm pretty sure that's bullying.

Even when you do it under the guise of - posting information you've come across, it's still plain ignorant.

The world is scary and cruel enough without it being pushed onto others to 'scare them' into making the same decision you yourself have made. So please just stop. I learned my lesson and no longer post anything birth related unless it's gentle or funny. I had my experience and others have their experience.

We all want to 'get our stories out there' to 'change some lives' but sometimes all it's doing is creating fear. Fear is toxic. There's enough radiation out there - thank you Japan and huge whole in the ozone layer - we should be supporting each other.

And frankly, all people are the same, so I also remove the articles relating to any 'type' of people, race, gender, whatever. I don't think anyone should have an advantage over another just because of race or gender. I mean ... seriously!

Whatever decision you made, whether it be about birth, circumcision, vaccines, schools, eggs, meat, your mode of transportation, your garden or buying from the store ... method of exercise, you don't need to share it by making others afraid of every other way.

Anyways ... <3

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