Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Powerpuff eyes and forever-no matter what love

Sometimes there are people you meet that you are so impressed by, only to discover they are impressively selfish and self-centered.

Sometimes I'm one of them. Generally and probably usually to most people.

This time though, it's not me.

When I was younger - I wanted older siblings. I thought it would be SO cool to have someone look after me. Then, in a way, I got that! One of each.

I've been incredibly let down.

There is an unsaid rules about the oldest of the family. They take care of the younger siblings as much as possible. They defend the family, they watch out for everyone. It's their attitude that usually sets the tone for the rest. You have to impress the oldest to be considered 'accepted'.

Luckily my family decided to just ignore my coldheartedness and they are generally much more accepting than I am. Unfortunately. This makes it easier for them to be hurt.

And that, my friends, is why I've become so growly towards new people.

My family can defend themselves. I rarely ever have to 'raise my hackles' for them and can just listen as they elaborate on their defensive prowress. I'm most times rather impressed by their imagination too.

*** Devon and Madison's stories usually involve ninja kicks and saving Princess Peach.

*** Patricia's stories usually involve magic or her saying 'Then I used my wind plus card!!! (Or something)

*** Gayle's stories invole her running on the beach like baywatch.

*** My stories are only truth and I usually resort to my phasor and incredibly amazing ability to invent technology on the spot. I'm that smart.

Recently, it was my youngest sibling that seemed to have been targeted, by someone who should have been the first to rush to her defense at all times. Ninja kicks were useless this time around.

I have this to say about the situation involving stomping on an 11 year old's 'Powerpuff eyes' and forever - no matter what love. When you get home to your expensive condo, with your boyfriend who definitely only likes your body, with your dog who isn't allowed to get dirty, I hope you SO enjoy it. Later, when you realize, that your boyfriend is a jerk and your dog died because they don't live forever (or it gets run over because that happens sometimes) ... you're going to be all alone. When the only reason you come to our area is gone, at least you'll have your 'real' brother right?

When you get even older (which lets face it isn't that far away) and you look back on your life I hope you realize what you've done. Instead of embracing all the goodness she had to offer, despite our (super slightly) dysfunctinality you put up your nose and turned your back. Let's hope that the one person that is there to help you when you fall isn't busy with personal issues at the time because then you're falling on your  boney ass. The great thing about family expansion is that there are others who can pick up the slack when someone else can't. And Powerpuff girls are super heroes in high demand and can't be bothered with insecurity and selfish needyness backed by regret.

We are pathetic and low to you? Newsflash - in the end, we'll both be dead. At least the 11 year old girl with Powerpuff eyes and forever- no matter what love will be at MY funeral, probably shedding Powerpuff girl sized tears and remembering good times. Who will be at yours? On the upside, parking won't be a problem.

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